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Miria has a deep and unwavering interest in people's lives, nature, and the beautiful subtleties that photography has the means to express. Miria is also an artist of self-portraiture, documentary, and mixed media and she finds that being able to help capture a memory you can hold and cherish for more than a lifetime is truly gratifying. .

Approach: When photographing, Miria likes to keep things light hearted and fun all the while keep a sentimentality and romantic nature to her photographs. Her love for all things film & medium format help her achieve the nostalgic and romantic ambiance she aims to convey.

Favorite Film Camera: Hasseblad H2 & Contax 645

Raised trilingual and on a 56' Thai junk sailboat in the Caribbean (the island Bonaire to be exact), Nato spent her childhood falling in love with the ocean and viewing the world through the eyes of the many diverse cultures. At a young age Nato discovered that pure, unadulterated love sees no colors or gender. These are the words she lives by as she documents the world around her.

Approach: Her approach is journalistic yet editorial. She wants couples to be in the moment, yet will always there to guide them when needed. She always strives to connect with her couples by honoring their uniqueness and capturing the beauty that.

Favorite Film Camera: Mamiya RZ67 pro & Contax G2

Dan grew up on the beaches of South Carolina. Dan & Nato run the video side of the company along with our other videographers. When Dan isn’t shooting he’s either surfing, producing or studing cinemetgraphy.

Approach: Being the cinephile he is, his films are inspired by his favorite film directors. Loving hand held camera shots and the realness of the moments you will find no "traditional" wedding videos here. His style is non intrusive with just the right amount of avant-garde sprinkled throughout.

Favorite Film Camera: Super 8mm

Jenny is a self-taught photographer from a quiet, rural town in Florida. She moved to the city 10 years ago in search of a more artistic and exciting life. Her approach to photograph is at its core story telling; she aims to capture the intimacy of life in her portraits. When she’s not taking photos, she spends her free time painting and hanging out with her cats & husband who got married to on Martha's Vineyard.

Approach: Jenny has a deep appreciation for photos that are bursting with life; meaning that sometimes the best shots are imperfect, unposed or blurry with movement.

Favorite Film Camera: Bronica ETRSi